At the end of the 18th century, the dwelling you will stop at was already proudly standing on the central place of the village, called "Place de l'Etang" back then, and renamed afterwards.

The Benedict monks from Aubigny's priory, who were also helping out at the hospital, built many dams on the Badin in order to operate their mills and regulate the tumultuous course of the river.

The dam located in front of the hostel is probably the most important one and the waters held on are forming a pond that is going all the way up the path to Aubigny and the hill.

In 1983, the hostel got called "AUX 3 PROVINCES".

In 1993, Mr. and Mrs. JACOULOT bought the place and are offering you the environment and food you can enjoy today.

In 2002, and in order to serve you best, they open a 9 bedroomed ** hotel: "LE VAUXOIS" at the end of the central place.

The history goes on with the comfort, welcoming tradition and gastronomy continues and the vines have grown up to the hills for your greatest pleasure...

In 1829, Louis MIELLE, wine grower, was living in the house and was cultivating 6 ares and 10 centiares of local vine in the backyard.

In 1848 he sold a part of the house and garden to his neighbor, a retired solicitor, Augustin GUENE...

In 1863, his son Nicolas MIELLE, who was a workman, inherited and sold the property 10 years later to Nicolas VARNIER - BOUDROT, cabaret holder and cultivator.

In 1895, the cabaret was bought by Eugène SEJOURNANT. His widow, Mrs. BARD - SEJOURNANT, will run the place up until 1938. It is probably back then that the central place got decorated with horsechessnuts. Eugène MARTIN and his wife succeed to him. Then, their daughter Liliane VIGNETET took over the holding until 1970.

In 1971, Jean-Claude THOMASSIN bought the place and promotes catering. The "Café-Restaurant" will then be held by a few people.